How players get to the top in Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is not an easy game to play with, but of course if you make sure that you will not take your step behind, then there is a scope that you will surely make a Win going forward. Fire Emblem launched recently have been one of the famous categories and have taken a back most of the players by their beautiful graphics and their patterns of playing. If you are one of the players or you are starting off, then we are very much sure that it will be like an addiction to you. Getting to the top can be tough at times as you need to pass many hurdles, but it’s not that tough too. You can easily achieve and make your concrete win as cherishable as possible. Let’s see how you can make for a top in the Fire Emblem Heroes:

  • fire emblem heroesThe game involves the strategies and you need to acquire as many Orbs as possible, as this will give you an edge over the others and you will be at ease undoubtedly.
  • The Fire Emblem heroes have multiple ways to get the currency in the kitty like you can get linked to the Nintendo account, or you should log on the daily basis. These shortcuts will not only help you in reaching the top level but also, they will save your time too.
  • There are lots of websites that offer Fire Emblem Heroes hack and cheats for easy perusal in the game. You can take upon them as they will be able to help you out in going through lots of hurdles too, as you will have the most of the currencies. This will make you buy the updates out and will surely make your identity undetectable too.
  • The Fire Emblem heroes also require tricks and tips while selecting the heroes too. As you never know if you are naïve to the game that which one to choose and who will be suitable for you. You can through the tires listed on many websites to get an idea. As it is about the superheroes and you need to have the right person to pursue you in the game.
  • The Fire Emblem has been famous for mixing the different heroes at once. As they will surely involve lots of heroes and you will be one of the people that need to mix the strength of different heroes to reach the top. Do make a diverse team by mixing them up.

The game is good, but you need to take care of the minute things on your way towards the success. There are multiple options to get to the top and you need to know which ones applied when. So, do take care of them and take up the game as a challenge to your struggle and your management skills. By having success in your lap, you will surely end up in getting a confidence boost up into your body parts.


Pokémon Duel Game release – Game Description

Pokémon GO has been one of the amazing game of the year 2016, as more and more people are becoming aware of the same and learning how to play the game. The game Pokémon Duel is, of course, again an adventure, that you need to know and you will definitely get a kick once you start playing the game. The best part of the game is that you can choose your best six Pokémon’s that you have dreamt of playing with. Let’s see how you can play the game now:

  1. You need to choose upon six Pokémon’s among the others according to your targets. Every Pokémon has its weaknesses and strengths you need to understand that before selecting them as it is not a short-term goal you need to carry forward with them throughout the game.
  2. The Pokémon duel deals in deploying your Pokémon into your opponent’s territory, but it also takes care of your winning, but you need to reach your goals before your opponent’s reaches out. This is a kind of race in which you need to reach your goals first before your opponent’s reach it out. So, do, carry out pokemon duel cheatsyour actions accordingly with the game and prioritize your steps.
  3. You can also rush to your respective goals by selecting one of the best Pokémon’s for you by recognizing their steps that they require winning the game. You can also do your best by blocking the opponent’s Pokémon and set up your one in the front. It will help you in reaching your goals first.
  4. The respective battles of Pokémon are won by attacking the opponent’s disks. The opponent’s disk should be recognized by attacking them and need to know which one they are using so that you will be ready with yours.
  5. To increase the competition with your Pokémon you can take your team to the online version to the international level too. You just need to tap on a button that is named as “League Match” and your team will automatically match with the any of another player in the world. These kinds of activities surely give you an exposure that you are desiring for and also make you learn tricks and tips so that you end up with winning and also having an exposure of another level.
  6. You can get unlimited gems by using Pokemon duel cheats today!

The Pokémon Go game has been one of the favorites of 2016 as the people have really enjoyed searching them and looking for them in the different parts of the cities. Some people have traveled miles just in the search of their Pokémon.  And now it’s the time of Pokémon Duel an advance version of the game. It will help you in knowing the character well and you will surely make a way to the ladder once you make strategies and take steps to win the game. So, download today to play the game online and take the advantage and the exposure of the trending game in 2017. GET SET GO!!!


Kill Shot Virus – Ultimate FPS game for Android and IOS

Kill Shot Virus by Hothead Games Inc. is a first-person shooter (FPS) of the sniping variety. If you wanted to be a secret special ops soldier, then this game is a superb way to see how it’s without putting yourself in real risk. The game is like other names like Metal Gear Solid Touch and Dead On Sight.

I’m not that huge of a FPS game person, mostly because I’m terrible at them compared to others. They’re merely a bit too fast paced for me, and I never actually know what I’m doing. So Kill Shot Virus was especially appealing, and it’s a nice way to unwind after a trying day.
The 3 D images in Kill Shot Virus are amazing. It appears so great on Retina HD displays you could say it is quality that’s console. The world is realistic, brilliant, and verdant, merely the way you’d need a game like this to be. The character models of enemies are feasible, with physics and moves that are simple when shot. Cartoons aren’t inactive, and I adore the slow mo bullet time cartoon when you get your closure kill on an assignment — it’s a joy to watch. The music is adrenaline pumping, and sound effects are not false.

Kill Shot Virus will let you shoot all kind of zombies

There are four regions in Kill Shot Virus, for you to complete and each of them will have lots of various assignments. In the beginning, only the first region is available — so forth, and you’ll need to conquer all duties to unlock Region 2. There are also various sorts of missions reachable: Black Ops, Primary, Daily Challenge, and Support. Each one will have different purposes and states, which you’ll see before starting. These range from killing a certain number or type of enemy before they get away to killing a goal. There’s a certain period of time you have to finish the assignment to make it more challenging by. Being successful on these missions will get you cash and other goodies as wages.Kill Shot Virus Hack and Cheats

Your soldier will remain in one place — you can move left and right with the arrow buttons on the sides, but you cannot go forward or backwards. Pull your finger around the screen tap on the crosshair button to train your rifle, or to use your extent for exact shots. You may also zoom up to 2X by pulling the slider on the screen. If you’ve upgrades like Thermal, patting make training easier against tough foes and on it will activate it.

You’ve got to be precise a new sniping game, with Kill Shot Virus from Hothead Games

Sometimes you will need to use specific weapons or tools on a mission to make matters more simple. Eventually, as you get more things in your arsenal, you can customize your weapons to your own preferences, which is pretty cool.

Clearly, since Kill Shot Virus is a free game, you understand what that means — there is an energy system in addition to in-program purchases. If you ignore missions although the energy will deplete itself they will refill slowly through time. The in-application purchases are for gold and cash, which is the premium type of money in the game. And if you are a deal seeker, there are “unique offers” accessible for a modest time period that bundles several stuff up into just one package. If you’re at shooting games amazing, then you shouldn’t need to buy anything to get through everything.

I found Kill Shot Virus to be quite enjoyable and enjoyable, specially when I merely have a couple minutes to save although I don’t like free games greatly. The assignments themselves are pretty short, so it’s perfect while you’re on the go. I just desire with shoving at times on the IAPs and upgrades on you that the game wasn’t so obnoxious.

Kill Shot Virus can be found on the App Store as a worldwide download for free with in-software purchases or you can use Kill Shot Virus Hack to get free Bucks and Gold.


Master Your iPhone Keyboard With iType

Whether you are a typo-prone fumbler like most of us or a shining iPhone prodigy like some precious few, iType has just what you need to respectively hone or prove your skills. New from iggyGames, the makers of Chess Puzzles, iType is two games in one free application: Word Speed and Word Attack.

Word Speed is your basic typing test: words appear on the screen and you have to type them as fast as you can. They appear in groups of four or five and are then colored according to how well you do, green meaning you got the the word right and red meaning you got it wrong.

For each round you are given 30 seconds to get as many words right as you can and at the end of each round you are given your speed in words per minute (wpm) and your accuracy with a percentage.

itype feature

Word Attack works on the same premise as Word Speed but has a creative twist. Described as a “game of typing survival” in the instructions, in this game you are no longer racing the clock but the words themselves.

Words scroll across the screen, right to left, from different levels on the screen and you are to type them correctly before they hit your “life bar” on the far left. If you spell the word correctly then it disappears and it no longer a threat. On the other hand, if you misspell a word, or you can’t spell it in time, then it will continue on and eventually hit your life bar. With each hit your life bar will begin to shrink and turn blue. Once it is all blue the game is over and you get to see how many words you spelled correctly. The more words you spell correctly, the faster the words will move across the screen, forcing you to improve your speed.

In each of these iType games it is helpful to know that “space” is the same as hitting “enter,” once you hit it you will be able to move on to the next word. Also, in iType both games can be played in either portrait or landscape, your choice.


You Could Do 100s of Things With 100 Sounds100

Sounds – What would you do with a soundboard in your pocket? Wake up your sleeping roommate? Confuse your dog? Shake up a meeting at the office? There really is an endless list of obnoxious, pointlessly fun possibilities. Of course if you’re a creative sound guru, you could probably even make music. The 100Sounds iPhone/iPod Touch app from No Tie Software is a compilation of over 100 random sounds, neatly organized into an alphabetical list that users can scroll through and tap to hear.

For just a buck, 100Sounds goes beyond the typical tap-generated fart, burp, or ringing phone and puts a wide array of sound effects from a barking dog to a whistling tea pot at your fingertips. It’s hard to say when and where you would want to employ tactical sound maneuvers like any of the ones included, but really, who cares? That’s the point to having such an app stored in your menu — you just never know.100Sounds lets you be a little creative by allowing you to overlap longer and shorter sounds or set the sound to loop or delay up to 60 seconds. You can even customize the list of sounds that appear by utilizing the edit menu and hiding ones you don’t like. Tapping the info icon will also allow you to choose a setting for the “shake to play” feature. You can designate no sound, last sound or random sound.
Without the built-in speaker, 1st generation iPod Touch users can’t get the full impact of 100Sounds because headphones or speakers are required to hear, so iPhone and 2nd generation iPod Touch users are at an advantage with 100Sounds. It’s also not designed to set the sounds as a ring tone for your phone.
What uses will you find for 100Sounds? It’s hard telling, but No Tie Software wants to know. Through March 12th the first 100 videos uploaded through their YouTube link will win a $10.00 iTunes gift card.


Card is One Way of Streamlining Customer Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are one of the leading marketing strategies used by nearly every retail establishment across the globe. As the number of loyalty or coupon cards increases, so does the bulk of our wallets and key rings – after all, we don’t want to miss out on a deal. App developers have caught on to this consumer conundrum and now there are mobile apps available to store and track consumers’ reward and customer loyalty cards in one convenient place.

Card is One Way of Streamlining Customer Loyalty Cards

One such app is 1Card – a quasi, mobile wallet application that lets users store their card information, numbers and barcodes in their phone and leave their pile of actual cards at home.

Card has a number of popular retailers pre-installed, ranging from Barney’s New York to Target and Lego to True Value Hardware. Of course there is also an option to manually enter a custom card with information for establishments not already listed. Adding a card is simple enough as users simply enter the name of the card, the number or take a picture of the card’s barcode.

While most retailers aren’t equipped with the laser scanners that will read the digitized barcode, all retailers have the ability to manually enter the number. Having a useable reward or loyalty card when and where you need it without a bulky wallet or key ring certainly has advantages – namely, traveling lighter.

Other features of 1Card include a GPS function that will populate your cards based on your location and the stores nearest you. There are also special offers included that populate the same way, but the currently available offers are primarily in Italian so if you’re Stateside they are of no value. Special offers aside, the virtual cards users enter are neatly organized and displayed in a virtual wallet and a quick scroll and tap will whip out the card you want to use.

For anyone with a huge stack of customer loyalty cards, 1Card is one way of downsizing the wallet and managing your cards. It is free to download and fairly easy to set up and use. New users will have to create a free account or register and login with Facebook credentials. Once 1Card is set up, a quick process, you can begin entering your card information and then add any new cards as necessary.

Another option is the Key Ring Reward Cards app, which is also free and works in similar fashion, but populates special offers applicable to retailers in the US.


10 iPhone Apps I can’t live without

Inspired by Mike Arrington’s post on Web Apps he can’t live without, here is my list of iPhone apps that I use on a daily basis. This is not the same list as “best apps”, it doesn’t for example include games and other apps that I enjoy from time to time. These are the apps that I use every day, or nearly every day, and that I would sorely miss if they disappeared.


1. ZenBe Lists.  I use Zenbe daily to keep track of my to do list. I access it now mainly over the iPhone, but the website is also excellent. I especially like the idea of managing multiple to do lists on the phone.

2. NetNewsWire.  These days, almost all the news I ingest is via this NewsGator iPhone app.  Originally addicted to Google Reader, I recently switched over to NewsGator for the iPhone support. I actually find parsing through my feed list is more efficient on the iPhone than on the web.

3. Twinkle. I love Twinkle a little less than when I originally reviewed it (the star motif is getting very very old), but I still use it as my Twitter client. I’m definitely still open to alternatives though…

4. Facebook. I now use the Facebook app versus the website almost exclusively. But for me at least Facebook and Twitter are now almost the same program — checking on the overall friend feed.

5. Shazam. I find myself using Shazam almost daily to identify songs on the car radio. This app is simply brilliant.

6. Pandora. While I do like LastFM, I keep on coming back to Pandora for music discovery. I also find it great for parties. Choose a channel and let Pandora be the DJ.

7. Bloomberg. For stock market and buisness news Bloomberg is the king. The app is zippy and good looking, and the charts are great.

8. AOL Instant Messenger. I dislike AOL and everything the company represents, but I still need to use AIM as an instant messenger. The iPhone app works just great.

9. Movies. I had to throw this one in there. I really love the movies app by Flixster. I don’t use it every day, but i find it increadibly convienent for looking up showtimes and watching trailers.

10. Calendar. Ok, well it comes with the iPhone, but it really has changed my life. With MobileMe, my calendar is allways up to date. I now manage my schedule on my iPhone, not on the web or the desktop.